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San Francisco Bay Area Reviews

Reviews include:

Ad Hoc
Anchor & Hope
Dottie's True Blue Café
Great China
Incanto ("head to tail" special menu)
Indus Village
Kiss Seafood
Memphis Minnie's
Slow Club
Wat Mongkolartanaram

and Many More reviews...

San Francisco's Ferry Building stands tall at the end of Market Street.

We have transformed it into our NEW METRO MENU, creating a mash-up tasting menu of most of the fabulous food venues there. This is the indispensable guide to eating in one of the city's great attractions.

Don't forget to visit our Metro Menu of New York city too!

That is one tasty burger! Burger Holy Grail looks deeply into the best of the hamburger sandwiches out there. This one from The Slow Club is currently topping our "Posh" chart.

Click on any burger on this site, it will take you to the Burger Holy Grail.

Burger Holy Grail

Burger Holy Grail Home

The most recent candidates:

Hamburgers on Bridgeway
Pine Cone Diner

Café Rouge
Iron Springs
Broken Drum
Buckeye Roadhouse

Metro Menus

New York
San Francisco Ferry Building

Yummy Chow is doing Factory Tours!

Anchor Brewing makes some delicious genuine San Francisco beers in their boutique brewery. We checked out the tour and here's our report.

We've added a tour of the Jelly Belly factory in Fairfield!

(S)hopping List

SF (S)hopping List Home

Anchor Brewing Company Tour
The Fatted Calf
Golden Gate Bakery
Hangar One Tasting Room
Hog Island Oyster Farms
Indus Foods
Jelly Belly Factory Tour
Marin Sun Farms
Tartine Bakery


Chubby's Words to the Wise:
I forgotto:

The best thing to do with Hangar One vodka besides drinking it is eating it. You’ve heard of affogato (espresso and ice cream) but that’s nothing compared to taking a scoop of premium vanilla bean ice cream, topping it with some crushed, top quality coffee beans and pouring over a shot of Hangar One vodka. You’ve got to try this. It’s seriously yummy and just about the easiest dessert there is. Be careful not to grind your beans too fine, these little bits have a nutty crunch that is alchemized by the HOV. H to the affo, V to the gato.



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