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Tartine Bakery
600 Guerroro St.
San Francisco, CA

I couldn’t resist picking up some baked goods to go during my lunch at Tartine.

Chocolate Chip Cookie ($1.50):
This crisp, buttery, discus of perfectly sweetened oatmealy, nuttyness contains only one raison. You know the one… Don't pass up this thin circle of chocolate studded happiness.

Friand ($1.50): Neither friend, nor foe, this mini choco bite was fine, but didn't rock my world. It's moist, it's chocolatey, but it needs a big shake of booze to get me hooked.

Scharffenberger double chocolate cookie (50¢): This was dry, maybe I got an accidentally overcooked one or something. But for fifty cents I can't really complain.

Coconut macaroon (40¢): These little walnut sized haystacks are flavored with orange zest and are worthy of the cholesterol points you need to sacrifice.

Really rich Sharffenberger brownie ($2.75): Truth in advertising. It's mighty rich and seriously chocolatey. I'd get this again.

Rochers (40¢): These have addictive properties. Little beehive-shaped mounds of meringue with crispy exteriors that give way to soft pockets punctuated with crunchy cocoa nibs to temper their sweetness.

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