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Indus Village
1920 San Pable Ave.
Berkeley, CA

It takes a Village

What kind of wannabe Indian Chief doesn’t like to construct a good meal? Not me. When I want to cop some tasty food, I don’t go to the YMCA, I become one of the Village People.

Place your order at the counter, pay and take your plastic number to your table. They will bring your food as it is ready. A pitcher of ice water and glasses are on the table.

They took a generic room to the next level with these murals. The chairs are like a television color test pattern that you can sit on. It’s fun and funky. There are crying babies, hippies and average Joes. A monotonous, aggressive industrial machine hum provides the serenade to your meal. It is overtaken by the culinary concert of savory chow, spices and warm bread.

Chai (no charge):
Serve yourself a cup of this warming, milky tea as you grab your flatware and napkin to take to your table.

Village Combo ($7.99)
Lamb curry was good, but the best part was the meat clinging to the chunk of bone. The Chicken tikka masala was okay, but the meat was a little overcooked and dry. Rice and a plain naan accompany this combo as well.

Kababish Plate ($5.99):
The Seekh kababs were tasty, nicely spiced, meaty, Mr. Hankies. The Chaana Masala had a nice heat to the sauce covering these garbanzo beans. Basmati and naan are included to sop up the flavorful juices.

Garlic Naan ($1.99):
Normally I prefer a garlic enhanced naan to a plain naan, but Indus’ regular naan are so good that it is gilding the lily to slather one with garlic before baking.
These flat breads are fresh, hot and have a wonderful balance between the blistered areas and the doughy pockets.


One and a half carrots out of four

This restaurant is an offshoot of it's neighboring business, Indus Foods . You can buy the spices and meats next door if you feel inspired by your meal.



Indus Village Bathroom Rating

Go out the side door and down the hall. There is one for each gender. Passable, but far from the Ritz.

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