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Mi Grullense
International Blvd. & 29th Ave.
Oakland, CA


What kind of tired roadhog doesn’t like a tasty taco? Not me. When I found Mi Grullense, it drove me loco.

Stand and eat these tacos or take them with you. This isn’t a restaurant. This is a truck.

Place your order at the elevated window, pay and wait for your order. No frills, just good chow.

Bathrooms: none, duh.

Lots of truck-o-phobes won’t eat at these “roach coaches” cause they think they, well, are coaches with roaches. One thing to keep in mind is that they must comply with regular inspections that they prepare for and drive to as well as surprise inspections.

1 - Al Pastor ($1): Slices of marinated pork with a dose of that delish hot sauce. The radishes give a nice contrasting crunch and freshness to this dish.

2 - Tripe ($1.25): Crispy fried tripe make this my fave. Yes, it's worth the extra two bits for these crispy bits. If you don't usually like tripe, try these, you will be converted.

3 -Carne Asada ($1): Squeeze the lime wedge over the thin strips of beef resting on small, doubled, corn tortillas. The hot sauce and cilantro round out this tasty snack.


Two carrots out of four

If you are in the mood for a taco, this truck is the ticket.



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