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Dottie's True Blue Café
522 Jones St.
San Francisco, CA

Hit's the dot

What kind of blue, dotty, trooper doesn't like breakfast at a café? Not me. When I want fresh baked goods and a hearty start to the day, I head to Dottie's in short order.

Service: It's a pretty busy place. You can feel a bit neglected at times when the servers and bussers are running around like headless poultry, but they will get around to you and if you act true and blue, they will be nice to you. I would suggest sitting at the counter if possible. Their usual cook is fantastic to watch. I marvel at the efficiency of motion, the calmness is the sea of chaos, and focus of this guy.

Atmosphere: It's a small dining room with several tables and a counter. Super casual, and funky (in a good way.) Check out the supercool decorated fridge.

Andouille and eggs ($7.95):
I ordered them scrambled and realized that I should have stated my preference for "soft" eggs, but they were good as they normally come. The butterflied andouille sausage had a nice subtle heat to it. They make their own buttermilk dill bread which they use for toast. The tricky thing about this bread is that it calls out for jam, but the raspberry jam on the tables doesn't go with the dilly flavor. Spreading more butter on it is okay, but it needs more jammy oomph. The potatoes are nothing out of the ordinary (although the crispy bits are tasty.) This is a good, solid, working bunrab's breakfast.

Whole wheat pancake ($2.75):
Nicely cinnamony, this buttermilk, whole wheat, pancake is a tasty, homey treat. It comes with maple syrup (not that chemical effluent imitation stuff.)

Pear Galette ($3.75):
This was almost good. I liked the pears but the crust got a little soggy. The clumps of crisp like topping was way too sweet (even for my sweet tooth.)

Frittata ($10.95): They have rotating frittata specials. This one was has spinach, mushrooms, corn, tomato and feta. It's a generous helping of tasty, perfectly cooked, eggy goodness, with a nice balance of ingredients. The potatoes and toast have the same issues of those that accompany the sausage and egg dish.

Coffee ($1.50):
They serve a decent cup of coffee here. They refill their customized mugs on a regular basis.

Hamburger ($7.95 plus 75¢ for cheese):
A half pound Angus burger is charbroiled and slapped on a house made foccacia roll. It comes with lettuce tomato, onion. You get to choose between homefries and salad as the side. The salad was a slightly wilty mesclun with bits of tomato and corn which was only 'okay'. I ordered the burger with Swiss. It was pretty tasty. The focaccia was good but a little dense. If you hollow out the top roll a little, you can achieve a good bread to meat ratio. This is a pleasant and tasty burger.


One and a half carrots out of four

The best things about this place are that the do all their own baking and they are a small little neighborhood eatery. It's a mix of tourists and locals (due to it's proximity to downtown.) The worst thing is the queues. If you are crafty, you will only go on weekdays and if you are a solo diner you can usually get seated relatively quickly at the counter (although you have to endure the snarls of all the groups as you whisk by smugly.)



Dottie's True Blue Café Bathroom Rating

Go out the door at the back of the restaurant and through the lobby to your left. It’s the hotel’s but for use by Dottie’s customers. I wouldn’t do surgery in there, but it’s reasonably clean.

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