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Thursday, June 30, 2005


Theme restaurants:

I always thought that the “theme” at restaurants was supposed to be, well, food. I don’t like going to King Henry VIII and having a waitress in period costume come up and say, “Hi, I’m Susan, and I’ll be your wench this evening.” It’s not like I don’t like a bit of flourish. Having a gender illusionist wait staff is great (as long as the food is too.) But as of now, the theme thing has officially crossed the line.

Makes you want to have (and then lose) your lunch.

Chubby should go over to Taiwan and review this place. He would save some time by combining the bathroom report with the restaurant review. But he had other things on his mind today. Chubby spills the beans on his most recent food adventure. Check out his latest food factory tour.



Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Free Ice Cream:

Why is it that free food brings out the inner Homer? WWHD? He would go out to Starbucks and claim what is rightfully his.

The internet didn’t lie. There were little pots of java chip ice cream with little wooden paddles:

It was actually pretty tasty. This little caffeinated bribe helps me to forgive them for all the indignities that I suffer in these cappuchapels.

Things I hate about Starbucks:

1 - They are everywhere: You can’t escape them.

2– They make you speak their language, as in: "Tall, Grande, Venti"

Me: “small coffee please”

Barista: (looking at me like I’m an alien while simultaneously pretending not to understand English) “a….tall coffee?”

Me: “yes, a small”

And if you are going to be so stubborn about using an exotic foreign language for your beverage sizing, why don’t you stick with ONE?

Tall – Sure, this word is English, but it doesn’t mean “small.”

Grande – Spanish for “large” but it’s a medium.

Venti – Italian for “twenty.” Isn’t that bizarre? You wouldn’t go into a coffee place and say “I’d like a twenty latte.”

3 – They ask for your name.

I don’t like telling anyone who supplies me with a vice quenching item my name. It feels like it’s going into a government database somewhere. I always make one up. My “coffee” name. The only problem is when you run into an off-duty barista. “Hey Marcellus, how’s it going?” You realize they are talking to you. The cell wall of your lie has now been broken and is leaking out to your non-coffee life. You then must resort to drastic measures.

4– They make you micro manage.

You are encouraged to specify what level of foam, what flavoring syrup, if you want soy… Extra hot? No problem. You are then supposed to interact in society and not be a anal freak. Starbucks coffee is an arena that fosters the belief that your little quirks should be catered to, that the flower within you will be carefully tended. It’s a hooker in a cup.

Things I love about Starbucks:

1 - They are everywhere. I mean everywhere. In the world.

2 – They give out free ice cream.

After coffee it was time for a movie. Off to see everyone’s favorite couch-leaping Scientologist in War of the Worlds. In this movie, Tom plays an off-balance father who really should give his daughter some ritalin (after all, he is an authority.) This film has cool visuals and an ending that made me want to take some of that ritalin (as long as Tom’s not going to take it.)

Chubby skipped the flick and cruised over to scope out one of his favorite places in the Mission. Check out his new review.





Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Puncturing the cell wall:

If you are going to go to the trouble of making a sign, do it like you mean it.

These signs are posted on designated areas of the Golden Gate Ferry:

No smoking signs say “no smoking”, they don’t say “suggested, voluntary, smoking abstinence vicinity (if you feel like it, that is.)”

The reason why I always see people on their cel phones in this area is because the sign doesn’t say “No Cell Phones – fine $100” it pathetically whines like a baby-whipped parent making up for their au pair guilt.

Nobody stops the phone perps who cell yell under these signs. Why should they? The sign says voluntary, and hey, they didn’t volunteer. It’s a phone, not Singaporean chewing gum (although the Singaporeans have dropped the whole caning for chewing thing recently – hippie liberals.)

Speaking of hippie liberals, Chubby headed over to one of his favorite restaurants in Oakland, check out his new review.



Monday, June 27, 2005

Baby Talk:

The declaration of independence states that “all men are created equal” but every day I see evidence that they aren’t. The babies have taken over. The babies are more important than the rest of us because Whitney Houston says, “they are the future”. Hey, don’t count me out yet Mrs. Bobbie Brown!

It used to be that kids weren’t that big of a deal. They didn’t need special car seats or helmets. They just got thrown in the back of the pickup and held on to see if they were up to Darwinian standards.

What really tweaked me today was this soccer-parent Mercedes with this sign on the back window.

What is up with this? We’ll skip the fact that this sign is it so 20 years ago, but it’s behind a tinted window. If you’re on the freeway trying to read it you have to speed up to tailgate, brainiac.

What this person is telling me is that they believe that they should be afforded privileges beyond those of the ordinary person because of the age of a person in their car. What, do you want a special lane too? Are you telling me that you think that I ordinarily would be an asshole, but I should hold back because of your baby? Are you telling me that you can be one because you have carte blanche? What do you want?

Chubby decided to head out to Clement Street to, “get away from my negativity.” Whatever. Here is his latest review of a restaurant that he found there and really liked.



Sunday, June 26, 2005


Fair to middling:

I came across this fair in San Anselmo today.

I don’t think that Police car jumping rooms constitute community outreach:

But if it did, why would you make a jumping room with a police car theme? It looks like it’s a holding tank for young offenders. Also what is up with charging two dollars to get in and jump? Aren’t you trying to show your community that you aren’t about beating up crack whores and taking kids for two bucks?

What is up with teacup rides?

Teacups are boring. Kids don’t beg their parents for teacups or refuse to relinquish their teacups before they go to bed. Teacup rides are dumb. No erector-set, temporary, set-up-by-drunken-carneys ride is going to fool any kid into thinking they're at Disneyland. Kid's are not dumb (in any higher proportion than adults, anyway.)

I was relived to see that San Anselmo was on high alert for this fair. They had all these tall guys dressed in black with night club bouncer headsets keeping all the Marinites from happy slapping each other:

Have you heard about hypersonic spotlight sound?

You can “aim” sound at someone so that others in the immediate vicinity won’t hear. This will open up a whole new way of “gaslighting” someone.

Chubby checked out Sam’s site and decided to see for himself where Fred’s favorite burger place ranked on the burger holy grail. Check out his new review of the place and its burger.




Saturday, June 25, 2005



There are 3 places that folks get nasty: in a car, on the phone or behind a shopping cart.
In the interest of building a better society: Shopping cart etiquette -the basics:

1 – Nobody likes a road hog:

Leaving your cart mid aisle or blocking the entire aisle by standing next to your cart as you stop the flow of traffic is at best, oblivious.

2 – You must control any children that you happen place in the cart:

No throwing, screaming, or annoying innocent bystanders. Do not hand slobber coated empty wrappers to be scanned by the checker. Ew.

3 – A shopping cart is not a suppository:

When you advance in line at the checkstand, do not bump your cart against the person in front of you. Leave plenty of butt room.

4 – Don’t “line shop”:

Running back and forth as you fill your cart will speed up your visit to the market while simultaneously speeding your way up everyone’s shit list. Sure, anyone can forget an item and sheepishly ask the person in back of them if they mind watching their cart for a sec, I’m not talking about those folks. I’m talking about the ones who use their cart as a strategic base of operations.

5 – Don’t pretend you can’t count:

You know how to count to 10 items (or less) and you know they will let you off with a little warning as they scan your items. Get in the correct line, Zsa Zsa.

6 – Don’t ditch your cart:

Deposit it where it won’t roll into a car, take up a parking space or be a hazard. You know, in those little cart corrals?

There, that’s better. Now we can all shop in harmony.Speaking of shopping, don’t forget to check out Chubby’s visit to the Japanese cream puff chain that is going to sweep the nation.




Friday, June 24, 2005

Tube Stakes:

Jules: "Last I heard, she starred in a pilot."

Vincent: "What's a pilot?"

Jules: "You know, for a TV show."

Vincent: "I don't watch TV."

Jules: "Yeah, but you are aware that there is an invention called television and on this invention they show shows, right?”

From: Pulp Fiction


Do you know folks who look at you with an arched eyebrow (when you talk about a show you watched last night) and say “I don’t watch TV”? There’s always that tone in their voice when they say “TV” like you’re rubbing an oozing gangrenous limb against their face.

I think that denying yourself TV is like denying yourself books. You are categorically ruling out an entire medium of communication because it’s considered common. What’s wrong with common? Common is good. Common is a springboard for uncommon and a passageway to understanding. If you acquaint yourself with the current culture you are better equipped to deal with that culture (and get the jokes.) Also, without TV, what will you do with your TiVo?

A splinter group of the anti-television folks make a point of “not getting” the joke, anecdote, or cultural reference in an effort to make everyone who does feel like a moron.

Are you a Jules or a Vincent? Do you think TV’s a poison box or a porthole to a common cultural context? Let me know what you think.

Chubby found himself in Chinatown and decided to investigate a legendary destination. Check out his latest review.




Thursday, June 23, 2005

Plane and simple:

It was a little too windy out today to take my new David Hasselhoff airplane outside, but I logged some flight time indoors instead. You can make your own if your are feeling all Martha Stewart.

If you have a friend who are feeling off their game, email them one of these. This is the best toy ever.

I think that Southwest Airlines should seriously consider painting their planes like this. Goodbye Shamu, hello Hasselhoff. Shamu is a KILLER whale, David is a LIFEGUARD. Case closed.

…and speaking of stars – check out Chubby’s new Stars review.



Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Never trust a rabbit without a vice

Elizabeth Taylor said
, “The problem with people who have no vices is that generally, you can be pretty sure they’re going to have some pretty annoying virtues.” Liz, you got that one right.

There is only one word that goes with “designated” and it’s not a fun one. Usually designated drivers are self appointed because they don’t want to drink anyway. They either overindulged in the past or need to focus in the future. Chalk “designation” up to either memory or anticipation (which is all there is since there is no “now”.) Whooo, sounds like I need a drink...

Chubby asked me to be the DD for his “work” covering the Hangar One Tasting Room.
Check out his new review.




Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Ken, Kung-Fu and Kulture.


Went to see the Enron documentary, The Smartest Guys In The Room:

It’s a good film to see if you want to get all riled up. Especially if there is a person who is performing their own version of the Director’s commentary sitting right behind you. What is up with folks who go to the movies and talk? I’m fine with laughing, guffaws, reactions - whatever. But launching into full sentences of chatter is like asking to be hit with a rolling blackout.
The movie was pretty good, but you won’t lose out if you wait for it to go to DVD especially if you haven’t seen Kung Fu Hustle yet (the best film ever.):

While purchasing my fave yogurt at my local Trader Joe's today, the checker told me that plain yogurt prevents bad breath – he may be right:


Chubby considers himself extremely lactose tolerant. There’s a place that’s opening soon that’s serving soft serve ice cream (made from Straus organic milk) with extra virgin olive oil and sea salt. He’s been keeping a watchful eye (and a drooling mouth) for an “open” sign.

In the meanwhile, he’s sating himself with the mozzarella at A16, a classy eatery in San Francisco.



Monday, June 20, 2005

Comparing Apples to Apples:

Went to the SF Apple Store today. It was jammed with folks parked at each computer taking care of their email:

They were seriously into it. I’m not talking a few minutes worth, they were growing roots. I then headed to the Corte Madera Apple store (no, I’m not writing an authoritative guide to all Apple retail outlets) and it was a ghost town by comparison:

I think that folks downtown don’t haul around their computers (or don’t have them like the homeless guy who was checking his yahoo in SF) and Marinites park their laptops at cafés and take up squatters rights at café tables all day.

Saw this graffito today:

this may be true, but who cares?

Had some McLaughlin coffee today. It’s mighty fine stuff. They serve it at Frog Hollow (in the Ferry Building), which does not have any displays or price lists that indicate the sale of hollow frogs. I think that Frog Hollow and Bovine Bakery are in cahoots to confuse us with their names so that we don’t pay attention to the Atkins thing. Frogs and Bovine? That’s protein right?

Here are my ever changing coffee rankings as they stand today:

Blue Bottle
Royal Grounds
Tom and Dave’s
Mr. Espresso

Hmmm, all the coffees with names are named after men. Coincidence or conspiracy?
Coincidentally, nothing goes better with conspiracy and coffee than baked goods. Check out Chubby’s new review of a great new bakeshop.



Sunday, June 19, 2005

'Cots, Cows, and Correspondence:

Spent today in Point Reyes Station with Chubby. I hung out on the main Street while he stocked up on chow at Tomales Bay Foods:

...and “Bovine Bakery” (which shows no evidence of ever baking any cows.)

Anyway, he got these organic Van Dyke cherries and Blenheim apricots :

Chubby snacked on his fruit while he put the finishing touches on his new restaurant review of one of his favorite stops for an inexpensive and tasty meal.

Reader comments from: Liz

"Thanks! This (New York Metro Menu) is a great vicarious pleasure. Just FYI - Bern's Steakhouse in Tampa butchers and dry ages their steaks on the premises as well."

Chubby replies:
Dear Liz,
Most steakhouses don’t butcher sides of beef so it’s great to hear of another one that does. Thanks for the tip on Bern’s!

-Love, Chubby


Reader comments from: McAuliflower

"Regarding "He Lied"... silly me, my first thought was it had to do with Bush Jr. :)"

Gutenberg replies:
Interesting. You may be right...
BTW, I really like your cool food site.
I checked your recipes out and was happy not to see any that include bunrabs.



In other internet surfing, I had to reflect:

Is celebrity liposuction-fat soap the next big thing? I would love a bar made by the stuff lippoed out of Paris Hilton’s ass… before Melanie Griffith had a chance to shoot it in her lips. (Meow!)

I'll leave you pondering that one until tomorrow.




Saturday, June 18, 2005

Another day of grilling! Went to the Fatted Calf at Berkeley Farmer’s Market:

and got some of their Pork Crepinettes with Duck Liver and Pistachio and Beer Brats:

also got some Breakfast Sausage, Fegatelli and Petit Sec aux herbs. That oughtta tide me over for a day or two.

On the way back from the Market, this car was ahead of me:

There's definitely a story here... I'm just not sure what the moral is.

Check out Eyeball’s gallery.
He just put up a new set of that somnambulist-photographer David Ichioka’s sleeping pictures. That’s four sets in the gallery now, but from what I understand, he’s got a million of ‘em and it’s just a matter of time.


Reader comments from: sixy beast

"I was laughing at Fred the other day because he was trying to find the religious messages on the Burger King wrappings. Proof that he marked my words and read your blog. Proof that eating fast food burgers doesn't nourish the brain cells dedicated to memory retention."

Gutenberg replies:
Yup, same here, for me It’s IN one ear N OUT the other when I eat fast food. Glad you steered Fred to Chubby’s review of religious messages in burger land.

Sixy also replies to Things you should do before you die poll:

"I quite happily would have died without ever having eaten a Small Shed Flat Bread."

Chubby replies:
I checked out your review of Small Shed Flat Bread.

I would feel the same way if I had those soggy, flabby discs. Ick.

I’m guessing that they may have had some time to react and improve since then(?) The flatbreads I had didn’t suffer from sogginess, but they fell a little short in the flavor department (with the exception of the Blue Bread.) But I still don’t think it would be worth a rushed trip across town for lunch.

Any other readers have flatbread at Small Shed? Let us know if it was a wasted wish or a tasty dish.



Friday, June 17, 2005

Stupid? Fun! Club:

Went to the Stupid Fun Club in Berkeley today.

Super nice folks, but some of the Robots are a little stand offish.

The appliances are robot controlled. Here is the dude in charge of the fridge:


Check out this guy at the coffee shop:

I couldn’t help but notice that he was resting (at Seattle’s Best) and indulging (in a Mocha with whipped cream) yet failed (to tip the barista.)

What is up with “Seattle’s Best” anyway? The coffee is weak and the name is (I hope) inaccurate. Putting “best” in your name means that you have nothing left to strive for. How about “Seattle’s heartfelt effort”? or “Seattle’s energetic endeavor”? or even “Seattle’s attracting guys in lame ass t-shirts but really wants a less easily mocked clientele”?


Reader comments from: Allison

"i just came across this website on a search and it's so awesome! the pictures are the missing piece in other restaurant reviews and your sense of humor is appreciated. i hope you continue to review restaurants- i'm putting you in my favs. -Ally"

Gutenberg replies:
Wow, Thanks Ally. We have lots more reviews on the way (including pix) Hope we stay on your fav list!



In response to our “what do you think you should do before you die?” poll:

Today’s reader comments: From Laura

"before you die, well... eating a fresh-out-of-oven cheese scone from the cheese board on friday morning."

Chubby replies:
Dear Laura,

I totally agree. Those cheese scones are made from some of the finest cheese shards ever. I like to have mine as “dessert” after a couple slices of cheeseboard pizza (I especially like the way that they give you an extra sliver of pizza with every order – just so you feel like you get a bonus – and who doesn’t like bonus pizza?)





Thursday, June 16, 2005

Things to do before you die, like eating flatbread:

Grabbed some sushi with my good pal Rich.

We went to a place that has fantastic uni, but they were out today. Most places don't serve great sea urchin roe, which gives it a bad rap.Uni is one of those "challenging" sushi items which translates into "more for me."

We made a list of the 10 things you should do before you die. He still needs to see the Cirque de Soleil show “O” but he’s done most of the remaining nine things. Seeing Batman Begins was conspicuously absent from the list.

Normally, I am of the school that paid for experiences don’t count. The hermetically sealed, prepackaged event carries less weight than a magical, collision of circumstances. It’s the difference between seeing a city from a tour bus and walking in a town like a local.

Chubby decided to forgo sushi for pizza, or technically, flatbread. Check out his new restaurant review. I think he bailed on us because he thought our discussion was morbid and pointless.


What do you think about uni? What do you think you should do before you die? How about sending me a comment?


Wednesday, June 15, 2005

There is a new bane of my existence: it is called Batman Begins.

Not only did I spend the first 10 minutes of the movie marveling at the ever-changing glued on mustache of Liam Neeson, but I looked back with nostalgia at those moments as I was subjected to the unrelenting explosions in the vortex of fights at the end. Threedee loved it (tastes differ, I guess.) One thing we DID agree on was the In-N-Out burgers after the flick. Chubby’s expose of the hidden religious messages at this eatery was incentive to make a visit.

When I collected my order in it’s paper bag, I was shocked that Katie Holmes wasn’t inside failing to act her way out. The movie did have some great actors, which made it all the more pitiful that there weren't any good performances. Characters weren’t fully developed, and the film failed to latch onto a single personality, prefering to jump from one tired form to another.

The fight scenes all had the same claustrophobic, confusing feel. It tried to keep a crazed pitch for way too long and that sameness gave way to boredom. Luckily there were burgers to remedy this feeling.

I guess every film can’t be Kung Fu Hustle (the best film of the year in my book.)


What do you think? Send me your comments!

Reader comments from Yummy Chow:

Paul Brown writes to Chubby regarding the Anchor Steam Brewery tour:

Did you get a taste of the 'Anchor Steam Bock' Beer, It came out two weeks ago and it is not anywhere.

Was it good.?

Dear Paul,
Yes, it totally rocked! They print a picture of a goat on the outside even though no goats are listed on the ingredients list. It’s dark, nicely bitter and worth the trip to the brewery to check out (before it’s gone.)



Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Laundry, beer, surfin’ and hygeine:

Chubby woke up with a French Laundry “food hangover” but managed to finish up his review on the Anchor Steam Brewery tour in San Francisco.

I spent my time surfing sites about sound being used as a weapon, and monkeys being able to count.

When it comes to photography, Eyeball knows his stuff but, is too bohemian for his own good when it comes to where he chows down. Just for grins, I checked on all of his favorite San Francisco dives for health violations – and man, does HE eat in dodgey places!

I visited the dentist. The hygienist told me that I needed to hit my back left teeth (I only have four teeth so that should be easy) and that lots of people “do a half-assed job” on those teeth in particular. When is the last time your dental hygienist said “ass” during your fluoride treatment? I’m no prude. It was just context. When you are lying in that chair with your mouth wide open and a drool vacuum chugging away, it’s the third to last word you think you’re going to hear.

If you know the first two, feel free to tell me for confirmation.

If you have any other comments... go ahead and send them to me!



Monday, June 13, 2005

French Laundry Night:

There was no food in the house, just Bawls soda, Top Ramen and a few dark-chocolate-covered espresso beans (aka crack-caffeine.) It was time to put on the feed bag so I called Chubby (it was his night off.)

We went to dinner at this converted laundry in Yountville and had:

Cheese gourges

Salmon tartare and crème fraiche cornets

Beet soup with apple

Turnip puree with English cucumber and radish

Oysters and pearls – poached oyster, tapioca and sevruga caviar

Sake granite with sevruga caviar

Salmon chop with beans and microplaned Perigord truffle

Yagara with daikon and scallions

Truffled egg custard served in an egg shell with potato chive chips

Coddled hen’s egg with truffled butter and brioche soldiers

Hearts of palm salad with plum and ginger

3 bean salad – haricot verts, garbanzos and marrow bean colis

Tagliattele with butter and microplaned truffles

Herb roasted monkfish with fennel bulb, fennel bouillabaisse, mejool date chutney and carrot powder

Scallop with brocoliini and truffle

Butter poached lobster with turnips and radish

Terrine of foie gras with picked strawberries, celery slivers and champagne gelee
Served with toasted brioche

Calotte de boeuf with chantrelles, potatoes and morels

Camembert with apricots

Sheep and Cow milk tome de savoir with califlower, raisins and raisin sauce

Deconstructed Butterfinger bar – chocolate sorbet, with peanut butter cake and crunchy peanuty crumbs

Mango mousse with yuzu and sesame seed

Coffee and donuts – cappuccino semi-fredo with hot, fresh donuts rolled in sugar

Rhubarb tart with strawberry sorbet, strawberries

Chocolate temptation with sweet and salty hazelnuts and Madagascar vanilla ice cream

Strawberry and yogurt panna cotta

Crème Brulee

Mignardises – lemon tartlet, carmel, fruit financier, chocolate tartlette, sugar cookie and dulce de leche macaroons


A stretcher.




Sunday, June 12, 2005


It is officially grilling season.

There’s nothing like the smoky, fire-singed goodness of meat from the 'Q on a hot day.
If you soak a bunch of Alder chips:

(you can get these at bbq/food specialty stores) in water for 20 minutes, drain them and sprinkle them over hot coals, put the food on the grill, close the top, you will achieve smoky goodness.

I use the 2 zone method of barbequing. One side has the hot coals to sear the meat placed directly over the hot spot. The other side is for slow cooking/smoking. I realize that there are as many ways to grill as there are grillers, and all grillers think their way is superior.(Especially the 400 pound grillers.) They're wrong though. My way is the best. And don't even bring up the whole "gas vs. charcoal" debate!

To finish off the day, it was time to join Chubby at one of his favorite haunts, Fairfax Scoop. He got so wired (or should I say "inspired"?) from the sweet goodness of the ice cream there that he dashed off a brand new review for Yummy Chow.

Man, Fairfax Scoop was crowded. There were 2 guys in line in front of me who gave up and walked away. One of them had a cellophane wrapped, mini cigar behind his ear. Who walks away from ice cream?? I guess guys with cigars behind their ears.


Saturday, June 11, 2005

KRONic behavior:

I went to KRON TV’s Bay Area bloggers meet-up today. Well over 100 of my fellow bloggers attended. I was the only blue rabbit there. Racialism?

One of the bloggers in the KRON elevator asked:
“why do you think they are having this event?”
To round us up and kill us – we’re the competition” I replied.

Although they provided "refreshments",

I ate nothing and nervously kept tabs on the nearest exits. I asked Erik, one of the producers, if I was right about the killing-us thing. He said “no” so I loosened up.

It wasn’t the geek-fest I expected. A bunch of cool folks showed up, like Amy from Cooking with Amy.

Chubby got to “meat” Guy, the blogger from Meathenge:

It was Guy who originally introduced the Chubster to the carnivorous goodness of the Fatted Calf.

The crowd was apparently not 100% nerd-free:

Kierkegaard (or was it Uncle Bill in Family Affair?) said, “once you label me you negate me”. This guy is seriously negated.

On an unrelated note: there's new stuff on YUMMY CHOW!! If you’re interested in the best milkshake on the planet, check out Chubby’s latest review. If you’re not interested, I suggest that you check to see if you still have a pulse.



Friday, June 10, 2005

This week’s theme must be “Castles”

Went to Edinburgh Castle Pub on Geary Street in SF where I met up with some friends over a beer.

This place isn’t one of those “see me/dig me” bars. It’s just a Pub with a good vibe and nice folks.

While we’re on the subject of beer:

Chubby is busy working on a review of his tour of Anchor Steam Brewery and wanted me to thank Sam at Becks & Posh for making him famous as blogger of the week.



Thursday, June 9, 2005

Howl’s Moving Castle is mandatory viewing. Great characters (especially the turnip-head guy and the dog) and great design and animation. I saw it the right way, with the original Japanese dialogue tracks and English subtitles. Experiencing it this way will be mostly impossible for those of you who don't see it in a special, film-hippie type of venue like I did.

I saw it at the Pacific Film Archive in Berkeley.

P.F.A. pro - It’s a good theatre that understands legroom.
P.F.A. con - Because it’s arty, they don’t have concessions.

BTW, I hate that they call the popcorn and soda stand “concessions”. It makes it sound like they are doing you such a big favor by taking your $5 for a soda.

There are more Studio Ghibli films scheduled this month at the P.F.A.

Overheard on the way to the movie: “she was a vampire, but didn’t know she was a lesbian”
(I hope this was a reference to an Anne Rice novel.)

I'm going to check out KRON channel 4 SF Bay Area Blogger Event this weekend. Hope it's not a nerd-fest. I'll let you know.


Wednesday, June 8,2005

Gutenberg here.

I’ve signed on with my old friends Chubby and Eyeball as resident blogger.

While Eyeball spends all his time organizing his gallery
and Chubby is out eating or shopping or traveling
I spend my time hanging out to see what’s new in town and checking in on my fellow BRs.

I’m not the most tolerant guy. Things bug me. When I go out for more coffee and folks won’t hang up their cel phones when they are ordering their decaf-haf-mocha lattes, when people talk, or make any noise that I don't like during the movies (or even touch the back of my seat with their feet), when they don’t pick up after their fucking dogs... (don't get me wrong, normally I love dogs.)

I don’t think it’s good to be intolerant, but I can't help it. I am tolerant toward my own intolerance though, so it's okay.

I do however think there are plenty of good folks out there. So I’m not always morose.

Hey, guess what? I'm going with my chum Threedee to see Hayao Miyazaki's new flick: Howl's Moving Castle. Totoro changed my life, I hope that this one's just as great. – I’ll let you know tomorrow.






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