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Eyeball's comments:

If you spend 8 hours a day sleeping, that would mean that one third of your entire life you're asleep. Many of us who are living our lives right spend even more time in the sack. But how well documented is this single activity that we spend more of our lives doing than any other? Not well, until now. Photographer and renowned late-sleeper David Ichioka has concentrated on this important part of everyone's life in his series of Sleep Pictures. These are time-lapse series of pictures which document one whole night's sleep. Each picture is taken 20-30 minutes after the last.

Some of the sets are of couples sleeping, some of singles. Some people sleep with their pets. Children sometimes sleep upside down. Pictures of people sleeping capture them totally unguarded, there is no posing, no being self-conscious. The photos are a combination of being totally set-up, yet totally candid.

The pix are lit by electronic flash usually bounced off of a wall or ceiling, sometimes bounced off an umbrella. Each set is taken in the home of its models, they are sleeping in their own beds. It looks like everyone sleeps differently, though most have some degree of similarity.

To see some of the magazines that these pix have been published in, click HERE.

If you would like to contact David Ichioka, he can be reached at ""

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