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Day 3 at the Ferry Building:

  1. Frog Hollow Farm
  2. Mastrelli's Delicatessen
  3. Mistral Rotisserie Provençale
  4. Miette
  5. Acme Bread
  6. Cowgirl Creamery
  7. Ferry Plaza Wine Merchant

1st course
Frog Hollow Farm
1 Ferry Building #46
San Francisco, CA


the folks at the counter were too busy gossiping amongst themselves to be focused on their work. I guess that's why I ordered one mini tartlet and was given (and charged for) two.

It's a combo fruit stand/bakery. Normally, they do a better job of tidying up and making the fruit display look enticing. I think I must have caught them off guard.

Although this visit ranked pretty low in the service and pastry departments, I have had some excellent fruit tarts, cookies and fruit from Frog Hollow in the past. I would recommend stopping by to try one of their cups of coffee and one of their non mini pastries.

McLaughlin coffee ($2):
Brewed to order by the cup. Not only is it freshly brewed, it's freshly roasted. The coffee beans arrive fresh from roasting multiple times during the week. Very tasty.

Mini risotto tartlets ($1.50 each):
The ratio of risotto to pastry was way off. These were not the tasty morsels that they should have been. The risotto was a nicely sweetened, cinnamon infused, currant studded mixture, but there was so little of it compared to the tart dough that I had to call in CSI to help evaluate the contents. Also, what is up with the wild variation in size?


From Frog Hollow to Mastrelli's Delicatessen:


2nd course

Mastrelli's Delicatessen
1 Ferry Building #47
San Francisco, CA

Pluck the roll of your choice out of the bread bin and hand it to the guy behind the counter.
Meatball Sandwich ($6.75):
This substantial meaty sub was oozing with spicy marinara sauce and melted provolone. The meatballs were soft and went well with the bread which soaked up the oregano laden sauce.

From Mastrelli's Delicatessen to
Mistral Rotisserie Provençale:


3rd course

Mistral Rotisserie Provençale
1 Ferry Building #41
San Francisco, CA

Roast of the town

What kind of gear head doesn't like rotisserie? Not me. When I saw rows of chickens gyrating in unison, I placed an order lickity spit.

They offer boxed lunches and takeaway for those who don’t feel like cooking dinner.

Chicken with roasted tomato served with mac and cheese ($3.15):

The reason why the price is so low is because I placed a small order to leave room for the rest of my Ferry Building food. The chickens are those naturally raised ones that don't get tortured (unless you count killing and eating them as torture.) These herb rubbed little birds go for a hot spin and are served with a choice of two sides. The roasted, herbed tomato was the perfect acidic counterpoint to the chicken and contrasted nicely with the creaminess of the mac and cheese.

Mistral Rotisserie Provençale to Miette:

4th course

1 Ferry Building #10
San Francisco, CA

Check your macho at the door. This place is not trucker central, they specialize in dainty little pastries and they do it well.

Pick up a bag of cookies to take home with you while you're at it.

Macaroons ($1.50 each):
These are not to be missed. The chocolate and pistachio sandwich cookies are crisp on the outside, chewy on the inside.

Crème Fraiche Scone (.50¢):
This mini scone square has a subtle crème fraiche flavor accented by lemon rind. It was okay, but why order these when there are chocolate things…

Brownie ($1.50):
Gooey just they way it should be. These flat rectangles have that nice brownie paper thin brittle top layer concealing the chocolaty goodness within.


Miette to Acme Bread:

5th course

Okay, pay attention, 'cuz this course actually consists of yummy stuff from three different Ferry Building providers:

Step One - Buy bread:

Acme Bread
1 Ferry Building #15
San Francisco, CA

What kind of sour batard doesn't like a crusty bun? Not me. When I'm feeling kneady, I head to carbo central.

Get in the queue, examine the display of offerings, get your bag of bread and pay.

Rustic Roll (50):
Sweet baguette dough shaped into a lump. Nice crusty exterior yielding to a soft interior.


Rosemary Roll (65):
Bits of rosemary stud this crusty, chewy roll.

Acme Bread to Cowgirl Creamery:

Step Two - Buy cheese:

Cowgirl Creamery
1 Ferry Building #17
San Francisco, CA


What kind of curdled cheeseball doesn’t like a coagulated treat? Not me. When I heard the cowgirls were making cheese, I saddled up.

This shop is staffed by the nicest folks in the world and boy do they know their whey round.

St Pat’s
(approx $4.50 for half a round):

Wrapped in stinging nettle leaves (which have been rendered un-stinging by the CGC staff), the leaves flavor the cheese with an herby earthiness that permeates these rounds which are made with Straus organic milk,

Cowgirl Creamery to Ferry Plaza Wine Merchant:

Step Three - Bring steps 1 and 2 here:

Ferry Plaza Wine Merchant
1 Ferry Building #23
San Francisco, CA


What kind of whiney punter doesn’t like a nice sediment? Not me. When I heard there was a wine shop with a bar, I poured myself in to a chair.

This is the perfect urban picnic.
The staff here say it’s okay to BYO charcuterie or buy some of theirs. But don’t you want to have some of the Cowgirl Creamery cheese as long as you’re in the Ferry Building? I told them that they should consider charging Fromage-age.

Changing list of wines
. Most are below $10 per glass



That's it for San Francisco's Ferry Building! Now go outside, enjoy the fabulous farmer's market if it's Saturday or Sunday, or explore the rest of this beautiful city. Get yourself around the city and learn a little bit about the wonderful progressive and inclusive lifestyle that the City by the Bay is famous for!

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