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Two Bird Café
625 San Geronimo Valley Dr.
San Geronimo, CA

Bird House


What kind of dodo eats like a bird? Not me. When I'm in the mood for some home made flapjacks, I flip over to the bird.

Hippie time warp, funky and fun. A nice sunny room with local flavor. Mismatched and proud of it.

friendly and efficient.

Trout and eggs:
Pan fried trout served with a lemon wedge and a wilty sprig of Italian parsley. The perfectly cooked, over easy eggs were flanked by buttered rye toast and small chunks of homefried Yukon gold potatoes. The homefries were nicely browned and had good crispy bits.

not strong enough to wake me up entirely, but fine.

Blueberry pancakes with sausages and one scrambled egg:
The pancakes were yummy. I started with the syrup that came with the dish, and then asked for the maple syrup (worth the extra $1.50). The bangers didn't deliver much bang. They were big and porky, but fell a little short in the meaty flavor department. The egg was cooked a little more than I like, but it was okay.


Two carrots for Two Bird.

The Two Bird Café is a good place to duck into for a casual breakfast if you find yourself in the area. Not destination dining, just a little hippie outpost that makes homey food.



Two Bird Café Bathroom Rating

Lines at the ladies room (only a one seater) but no line for the dudes.

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