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Thai House Express
901 Larkin St.
San Francisco, CA

House Rules

What kind of tongue tied orderer doesn't like single syllables? Not me. When I don't have time for extra verbage, I head for the Express.

Super efficient (hence the name.) The friendly wait staff gets the job done quickly and accurately.

Sparse, industrial meets eclectic kludgey. Not a fancy place but not fast food either (except for the speed part.)

Nuer Kem ($6.95):
Thai beef jerky! How cool is that? Just the right degree of jerkiness too. These dried strips of beefiness were a fun way to get started.

Gui Chai ($5.95):
Although they were on the greasy side, these were still tasty with their concealed pocket of chopped chives in the center. Crisp on the outside, chewy ricey dough surrounded these coarse oniony cakes.

Som Tum Thai ($6.95):
This green papaya salad was pretty good although I prefer the one at R'noh. It had a nice heat to it and was okay, but lacked depth and complexity. The peanuts added some dimension, but it needed a little more oomph.

Kao Pad Nam ($6.95):
This qualifies as good student food due to the ratio of cost to calories and flavor. Bits of Chinese broccoli, peppers, onions and scrambled egg dot this fried rice. Slices of cucumber, cilantro and a lime wedge top off this comforty dish.

Kao Ka Moo ($6.95):
Not so much moo as oink. This porky dish was mighty tasty. This little piggy was cooked to a meltingly delicious tenderness. Nicely spiced (and accompanied by it's sweet hot dipping sauce.)


Two carrots out of four

They do soups, noodle dishes and curries too. True to their name, they whip up your food super-fast and do a brisk takeaway business as well. If you are in the area and need a quick sit down meal, this is a good spot.



Thai House Express Bathroom Rating:

Go to the cashier and ask for the key. Make your way upstairs and you will find bathrooms that are very clean and well stocked. Check out the stylin’ sink.

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