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Taqueria San Jose
615 4th St.
San Rafael, CA

peace of mind in San Jose

What kind of geographically-challenged taco fanatic would fail to look in San Rafael for San Jose? Not me. When I want my way, I head for under the highway.

It's a taqueria without bells and whistles. They keep the place cleaner than some of the clientele keep themselves.

Order at the counter, take you drinks to your table with one of those plastic number stands. Your food is brought to you as it's ready.

If you're in the mood for something bunrabbier than a cerveza, they squeeze out carrot juice by the bucket. I'm not kidding, they are carrot juice crazy here.

Order your burrito "wet" if you want a moist and savory meal like the locals.

There's an impeccable salsa bar with all the chips that you want (and I eat a lot of chips.)

Flour Quesadilla with carnitas ($2.95):
Meaty disc of deliciousness. Salty (but not in a bad way) accented with a dose of house made salsa and jalapeño rings from the salsa bar. I could eat these babies everyday.

Camarones ala Diabla ($7.50):
Nothing special. A big plate of shrimp in a ketchupy sauce came with refried beans with cheese melted on the top. Lettuce, tomato and rice rounded out the plate. A hot foil packet of corn tortillas came alongside.

Super Burrito with pollo asado ($4.25):
Huge and yummy pollo asado (grilled chicken) burrito. No evidence of cheese or guac in "super" burrito that was supposed to include them. Still tasty though. Good basic burrito.


Two carrots out of four

This is a good basic taqueria, the food is tasty and there's plenty of it. Not everything is a home run, but they care about providing tasty chow and it shows.



Taqueria San Jose
Bathroom Rating:

They keep the bathrooms here tidier then ones in the fancier joints. Utilitarian with some graffiti.

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