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Nation's Giant Hamburgers
6060 Central Ave.
El Cerrito, CA

Most Flavored Nation's Status

What kind of jingoist doesn’t like to superpower through a burger? Not me. When I want sovereignty over a meat patty I dictate my order at Nation’s.

It looks like what it is. Fast food with a pie counter.

Order and pay at the counter and wait for your number to be called. Normal fast food service (I’m guessing there was a training tape involved at some point.)

The Cheeseburger ($3.90):
has a big, beef patty topped with melted, gluey, American cheese, a grainy textured tomato slice, lots of onions and shredded lettuce. If you put yourself in a fast food burger frame of mind, you can avoid fixating on the glue and grain factors by adding some jalapenos from the condiment bar which gives this sandwich some pep.

Chili ($1.75):
was the non-digital (aka Wendy’s) variety. It had an out-of-the-tin, genericy feel (but what does one really expect in a chain burger joint?) The chopped onions livened it up. I ended up spreading some on my burger to complement my jalapeno addition.

Fries ($1.30):
are cooked in canola oil. Hey, when I eat fries, I’m thinking about being healthy, aren’t you?

I requested my spuds “extra crispy” but I don’t think my missive made it to the Friolator.

These were only okay, I wouldn’t order them again and sadly, there are no o-rings listed on the menu as an alternative.

Apple pie ($1.80):
wasn’t what I had hoped for. It was a clone of one of those big name, mass produced, supermarket, freezer section pies except without the frozen part. The crust to fruit ratio was too high. The filling had that cornstarchy thickness that binds with my saliva so that I have to talk in that African clicking language for a few minutes after every bite.

Cherry Pie ($1.80):
was a step up from the apple (but we’re still in the basement.) It suffered from the same doughy issues but was able to cut through the crusty oppression with its tart fruit acidity. Still not what I want in a pie, but I’ll give it a 3.14 out of 10.


One carrot out of four

This chain burger restaurant has branches throughout the Bay Area. They make a variety of pies and some of the outlets make full breakfasts as well. This is the sort of place I would imagine stopping on a road trip. It’s quick and soulless but items are prepared to order.



Nation's Giant Hamburgers Bathroom Rating

There are a few unisex rooms in the back. I entered, grimaced, and moved on to the next until there were no more options. I need to call Richard Preston to see if he wants to do some research on a new book called The Hot Zone 2.

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