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IV league

What kind of sicko doesn't like a to nurse a drink over some healthy food? Not me. When I want a shot in the arm , this is just what the doctor ordered.

Service: Friendly and attentive. Food comes out willy nilly as it's ready (which suits me just fine, it is a casual place.) There is a 17% copay added to your bill. No additional tipping is allowed. They don't take rezzies, so just show up.

Atmosphere: Enter a teeny lobby and take the elevator to the restaurant. Huge picture windows and a big video screen add light to the spacious, open dining room. Chic and reminiscent of the Wagamama chain with it's communal wooden dining tables separated from the kitchen by a low wall.

Soba set ($8.95):

Japanese pickles these lightly brined peppers, turnip and Japanese cucumber got the juices flowing. They were a crunchy, salty and colorful herald of good things to come.

The white miso soup was fantastic with it's hidden soy beans, burdock root, napa cabbage, carrot and daikon. Miles ahead of what you'll get when you order miso soup in most other restaurants in the City.

Tofu isn't just for hippies anymore, it's reached a new level with this fresh artisanal brick of pulverized soy. This simple, delicate, subtle block of vegetarian wonder was garnished simply with some ginger and nori. Required eating at this restaurant.

Buckwheat Soba had a light and flavorful broth. The perfectly cooked noodles were enhanced with wakame seaweed and a surprise of a sour plum at the bottom (watch out for the pit.) Although fiddlehead ferns were listed on the menu as an ingredient, I didn't find any in my bowl.

Medicine Roll ($9.75):
These pretty daikon sprout garnished maki have a tasty combination of their 9 grain rice, carrot, avocado with a tang of sour plum, spiraled together with dried seaweed. I liked the combination of tastes and textures enhanced by the different grains (including flaxseed) mixed with the rice.

Grilled Eggplant ($4.75):
This disc of miso sauce frosted eggplant is slightly sweet and more than slightly toothsome.

Spinach with sesame dressing ($3.95):
This mildly flavored, organic dish was okay, but there are other versions of this dish in SF that I prefer.

Jade nuggets ($4.75):
These fancy little globs of fermented soy beans wrapped in shiso (Japanese mint leaves) are tempura battered and fried. A little sea salt and a squeeze of lemon balance out the flavors of these savory bites. They were a little greasier than I would have liked, but good anyway due to their mustardy tang and citrus acidity that cut through the oil.

Yuzu lemonade ($1.95):
Mmmmm this is one refreshing beverage. The balance of acidity, sweetness and pucker are just right. Little zesty bits float on the top of this icy glass of lemony goodness.

Unfiltered Hitorimusume Nigori ($10.95):
This cold sake is served in a bulbous glass decanter, iced in a cedar box. It's cloudy appearance suggests a taste that is less smooth and elegant than it actually is. This pairs well with the medicine roll.


Two and a half carrots out of four

There are 5 different “sets” which are light meals. It’s all forgivable in it’s preciousness because the food is tasty and reasonably priced. It’s not the place to take a fan of the Spaghetti Factory or someone who’s all lumberjacky, it’s more of a I-treat-my-body-like-a-temple kind of place. Or the kind of place you can go before dropping by In N Out burger.



Medicine Bathroom Rating

When it’s time to PPO, head to the back of the restaurant to the hallway. The rooms are well stocked and clean.

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