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Dock of the Bay

What kind of ugly American doesn't like a tourist spot? Not me. When I feel like a bayside cocktail, it's time to head to Guaymas.

Service: During busy times you can feel a bit neglected due to the number of customers, but once you get your drink and kick back, it doesn't seem to matter.

Atmosphere: It's casual enough that people come in their spandex bike riding outfits (spandex is however, optional.) Sit on the patio for your meal and take in the gorgeous bay. Yes, there are a lot of tourists and you are paying extra for the view, but if you know that you can have a fun time. There is also seating at the bar and dining room.

Chile Poblano en nogada ($16.75):
Two poblano chilies stuffed with ground chicken, plumped raisins and spices were shrouded in a mildly sweetened walnut cream sauce adorned with pomegranate seeds. This is a dish to order only if you understand that you are in for an entrée that is slightly sweet. The pomegranate seeds seemed like they were thawed or in need of some resuscitation, but the overall effect of the dish awash with it's seafoam of sauce was good.

Steak fajitas ($19.75):
A hot iron skillet arrives with chunks of steak that are more flavorful than tender (which is fine by me.) Guacamole, sour cream and strips of roasted onion and peppers round out the tortilla stuffing materials. I employed the salsas that arrived with the warm corn tortillas as flavor boosting devices. Overall, these were fine but nothing to jump up and down about.

Americana Margarita ($5.75):
This is my drink of choice for sittin' on the patio watching the ferries cross the bay. It's Torada tequila, triple sec, fresh lime juice and sweet and sour. A margarita is only good if there is fresh lime juice and this delivers. I like mine with salt and on the rocks. Tangy, salty, alcoholicy.

Guaymas Margarita (not pictured but looks pretty much the same) ($6.75):
Jose Cuervo Gold, Cointreau, fresh lime and orange juices and sweet and sour. Although this is good, the orange juice acts to sweeten the mix and take the edge off the lime... and in my book, the whole point of a margarita is the lime, so I'll take an Americana over a Guaymas margarita any day.

This is a good place to come as a tourist. You can hop a ferry from San Francisco (which docks right next to the restaurant), wander around some of the small shops and cafes, grab a bite and a drink at Guaymas and cruise back to the city after a mini day trip that takes you back to the fabulous San Francisco Ferry Building.


One and a half carrots out of four

As a local, it's not a place I come to frequently, just when I get that nagging urge to be by the water with a cocktail and take in the view.



Guaymas Bathroom Rating

Clean and well stocked with big wooden doors on the stalls and motion sensitive paper towel dispensers.

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