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This little piggy went to Montgomery


What kind of hungry foot fetishist doesn't like to nibble on small plates? Not me. When I'm in the mood for tapas I trot over to Bocadillos.

Good, but slightly confused at times.

The varied and interesting beverage list has some fun stuff on it. You can get one of their draft beers in small, medium or large (2,3 or 4 dollars, respectively) or try a glass of the Txomin Etxanz if you are in the mood for a summery, "green" white wine that feels effervescent.

Don't go in the evening for a mellow, quiet conversation. It can get a little loud with the sounds bouncing off the tile, glass and brick. But hey, it's tapas, not high tea.


Atmosphere: Chic and fun. This financial district tapas restaurant has a large communal table in the middle of the room, some small elevated tables along the wall and counter seating. This small space is well designed to be inviting with its large, windows opening to the street. The tiling in the diningroom and bathroom is gorgeous. It's well decorated without being too fussy.


Boquerones, olives, artichokes and button mushrooms ($1.00 each):
Little skewers of savory bits make me think that there is an orphan martini somewhere. A savory little saliva pump primer for the treats to come...

Tai Snapper Ceviche ($8.00):
Thinly sliced d'anjou pear line the plate. A tower of marinated, raw, snapper and shallot are mixed with frisee and capped off with crisp taro chips in this wonderfully balanced (culinarily and architecturally) mixture of crisp, soft, sweet, savory and tangy.

Octopus salad ($9.00):
Tender baby octopus is mixed with carrots, celery, parsley and radicchio is this brilliantly conceived salad. The yuzu chili dressing gives a slight heat and tang to this crunchy, chewy combination of fresh and complex tastes.

Lomo and Chorizo ($10.00):
The thinly sliced Lomo (cured pork loin) had a nice chewy texture. the Spanish chorizo had a nice coarse grind and smoked paprika flavor. I took a bit of bread and made a self serve bocadillos (mini sandwich) with a drizzle of olive oil. Unfortunately, the bread wasn't up to par. Its tough texture (without the benefit of a crusty exterior) put up too much resistance and tasted slightly stale.

Baby back ribs ($10):
These little beauties are wonderfully sticky with a sherry and honey glaze. The meat is perfectly cooked and incredibly flavorful. These are required eating here. I only wish they came around with wet napkins when I had picked the bones clean.

Pig's trotters with egg salad (7.00):
These feet did not fail me. Deboned and made into a loose patty, this foot was a feat. Crispy bits were created by frying this porky disc. It was topped with sea salt and accompanied by giant capers, a haystack of frisee and Italian parsley and a chopped egg and cornicion salad. The feet I am used to having in my mouth are nowhere as good as these.

Carmel Flan with Maldon salt ($6.00):
Maybe it's not the most photogenic flan, but I liked the addition of Maldon salt. That whole sweet/salty thing works for me. The flan itself was a teeny bit overcooked and the texture towards the perimeter suffered from a subtle toughness (but nothing that prevented me from eating the whole thing.)

Macaroon ice cream sandwich ($6.00):
A lovely green pistachio ice cream was smooshed between two sturdy macaroons. This was homey and satisfying.

Espresso ($2.50):
It looks so promising with its tan crema, but this is a single espresso and it had too much water so it was weak.

Coffee ($2.50):
They use Mr. Espresso beans to brew a fine cup of Joe. This is preferable to the espresso.


Three carrots out of four

This is a fun place to duck in for a meal or a drink with a few snacks. They don't take rezzies because they are a tapas bar. They are open all day with a menu that evolves from morning pastry and coffee to tapas.



Bocadillos Bathroom Rating:

One unisex bathroom is well stocked and tidy. And check out the cool tile work. Verrrry fancy!


Bocadillos Restaurant Review

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