The Blue Plate Restaurant Review - September 12, 2006 BunRabs Home Yummy Chow Home

Blue Plate
3218 Mission St.
San Francisco, CA 94110
(415) 282-6777


What kind of man-group doesn’t like azure-ance of a teal-ightful meal? Not me. When I want to shake the blues, there’s only one place to indi-go.

Fun and funky with large scale artwork on the walls in this compact establishment. I am in awe of their ability to work so well in this Polly Pocket sized space. Honey, I Shrunk the Mise en Place would be the name of this movie. There is bar seating in addition to the tables. Jeans to business casual are equally on base at this plate.

Friendly, efficient and down to earth. I like the comfortable attitude in this unfussy, culinary oasis. There is no hard sell or fake smiles.


Taco truck style corn on the cob ($4.00) came with nifty corn handles antenaeing out of the sides. This veggie typewriter roller was lettered with queso fresco in a typing pool of  paprika-butter. Lime wedges added a  citrus shower of puckery punctuation to this shuck and drive inspired cylinder that hits on all ate.

Local yellowtail crudo ($10.00) was gilded with a nectarine dice, crispy fried shallots and a lime dressing. Although the stone fruit was a touch underripe, this dish was a tasty concert of rich hamachi, tangy citrus dressing, crunchy shallot rings and baby opal basil.

Monterey squid ($8.00) was beautifully grilled and dressed with a simple lemon and parsley vinaigrette. I give this a nine out of ten-ticle.

Meatloaf ($14.00) was flanked by perfectly cooked, fresh blue lake green beans. The cloud of mashed potatoes supported a light and tasty meatloaf that flew into my mouth like a bat out of hell.

Mac and drunken goat cheese ($7.00) came to the table bubbling in cheesey excitement. The crisped bread crumb dusted top yielded to a creamy and flavorful pasta. No guilt in-curd by taking advantage of this whey good kid food.


Three carrots out of four

The focus is on flavor at this fun and funky neighborhood eatery. Blue Plate gets top marks for making yummy chow in such a confined space. I am told that they use all the counter space during their dinner prep and because of this they can’t serve lunch.


"Okay, I guess... "

Blue Plate Bathroom Rating

Bathrooms are democratically unisex. These clean and well stocked rooms are in keeping with the artistic style of the dining rooms, only greener.




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