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Avatar's Punjabi Burritos
15 Madrona Ave.
Mill Valley, CA

Papadom preach

What kind jerk pollo doesn't like fusion food? Not me. When I heard that there was an Indian-Jamaican-Mexican food hut in Mill Valley, I caste away my preconceptions.

Order at the counter, pay, and your food is brought to you when it's ready.

3 tables inside, a few chairs outside. Cases of drinks stacked along the walls. This is a small, super casual place where locals drop by to put on the feed bag.

Curried pumpkin with lamb ($6.95):
Basmati rice, garbanzo beans, potatoes, chutney and tamarind sauce combine with the pumpkin and lamb to make a tasty wrap experience.

Smoked eggplant with lamb ($6.95):
The smokiness of the eggplant permeated the burrito and combined with the Indian spices, rice, garbanzos, chutney and yogurt sauce to make a yummy multicultural mouthful. This was the winner.


One and a half carrots out of four

This is a nice twist on the ordinary burrito. The portions and staff are student friendly. If you are feeling hunger pangs (and you're already in Mill Valley, this isn't a destination) and want a burrito on the run, give this place a try.

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