We're undergoing a bit of a facelift starting in November. We've yanked Cinema Digest (sorry 3D), but we haven't touched it in years, nobody cares any more, and honestly, there are enough people writing movie reviews.

We realize that we haven't touched Yummy Chow for a while either, and that the Daily Feed blog is really the focus of this site. Chubby is going to join Gutenberg over at the blog and YC will remain in archive form.

Yummy Chow
Daily Feed
Photo Hutch
Eyeball the photo bunrab
CHUBBY leads you through Restaurant reviews, where to buy food, how to prepare it. He can even tell you how to travel with an eye to your stomach.
EYEBALL will present our Photo Gallery complete with lots of information on photography.

GUTENBERG has been up late in his capacity as our resident blog-meister. Check his daily entry for what's new on and off the site. Sometimes he'll express his opinion, and let you know what your opinion should be too.

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